The Goddess & Feri Guardians

The secret I have been pursuing—the Goddess—she is not in the light, not in the statue, not even in the shadow, but the shadow is the path/portal to her, through the moving mind—the symbol points to the reality, or helps fashion it. The T.S. lies beyond the Shadow. Representation lies towards realness, or at least lends it form, substance, vis.

Thus, any symbol, any word. This is, admittedly a basic lesson—but it’s still truth. The words and ideas and things we do and think and believe structure meaning and significance. Anything I say can become—shadows may offer a ritual focus to work with, though.

I need to assemble signs and texts and weavings. But, do not forget context—the peril of this sort of metaphor is over-focus and peripheral blindness and slavery to strict meanings, even your own. The light and statue are but a part of the room.

But what I think I also hunger for, other than magic, is communion and union with the Goddess, whoever she may be.

I want to go in and be claimed/held by the shadow.

But—the petty gods I’ve already considered…where are your shadows? Shadows cast in the mind and soul.

I need to assemble, and I need to determine what I want—things that can be articulated in some manner.

Devotion to the Goddess

And honor to ________

And the Others

And investiture of the self

Though, I should also get my house in order. Psychologically and spiritually. Treat this like you treat exercise and diet: something to build on, to grow into and to adapt to.

Thorn basically…says the same thing in a very short space. But Vic Anderson’s poetry isn’t great. Part of what may be involved is looking at the symbology behind ritual. For example, [spirit-invoking pentagram] invoking spirit, banishing earth, in the “banishing pentacle.” This is LBRP basics here, GD standard, but Thorn says, no, [spirit banishing, earth invoking pentagram] spirit banishing, invoking towards earth, do this, she says; draw the sacred into this world and you, not you out and away from this world.

And Feri does align well with where I’ve got to.


Star Seeker, Star Finder in normal Feri, East, Knowledge, Self, insight, wand, the runes of wind and knowledge and insight, Lord of the Risen Skies, the Wyrms that Are Wise in the furls of cloud and smoke. He is wyrm, myself, and David Tennant’s Doctor. He brings voice and knowledge and dissemination of will and deed. Insight. Moving wind. Dragon of the Subtle Paths in the Skies. Mirror Lord, emulative.

Shining Flame, Truth, Pride, South, blade—the wyrms that are wise in truth, the searing truth, the pride that comes with truth. Inescapable, burning truth. Burns away deception. He looks a-flicker—Captain Jack, Samuel L., a stern dark-haired man in a coat. He is taciturn. Runes of truth, runes that burn with power and authority and significance—flickering truth of meaning. True things are real things. True things are empowered things. The light of mind observing and peering and discerning. Darith

Water Maker, Dragon of Rivers and Seas, chalice/cauldron, Love, Power, wyrms that are wise in love and longing and the power of the waters in uniting and dividing. Mirela

She appears as a young woman in a moist gown—her skin glistening like with dew. Dark hair. I know her least well, save that she fights to protect those she loves. She offers defense and balance of desire. Empathy.

Black Mother, Dragon of the Mountains and Dark Wood and Black Caverns, Wisdom, Passion, stone and pentacles, fertility, wyrms that are wise in the earth and nature and growing world. A black/ebon wyrm, Martha Jones, a black woman, nude, with long hair. She does not ground—she connects, grows toward and between. She is not a mere “earth elemental” like Ghob. She helps make the magic touch and link with earth and Earth. Roots and vines. Valamu

Heaven Shiner, Dragon of Stars and Light, Zenith, Stars

Fire in the Earth, Dragon of the Shadow Labyrinth, Shades—Nadir

Star Seeker prefers that name. “It’s easy to find a star—just look up. But to seek a particular star—that’s interesting. Seeker After Old Stars.”

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