The Wyrms that Are Wise & Experientiality

G. told me of the language of dragons—they are the wyrms that are wise—their language is experience, are experiences. Not words, per se. Runes/sigils point to experiences after a fashion—realities. Not even narratives at the base, but that’s there. It’s hard to “hear” him when he talks like that, in the wyrm tongue.

It is akin to feeling a rumble in the mind, of someone whispering just beyond your range. To help “hear” better, I am to meditate upon runes/wyrms that are wise->the forms on the previous page are what the Four offer me in this regard. The FUTHARK could also work, but G. felt they aren’t as effective for this purpose.

The lesson of the shadows is prep.

I spoke with Star Seeker re: the wyrms that are wise. Experience is key—I am too often caught within conjectural experiences that are negative and within memory. While experiences include memory—the experience as past—that reality must interact with the Moment as it stalks forward into new Moments. I have been conditioned to fret—and in doing so, I fashion/inhabit/become the failed experiences I conceive of.

Creating new Moments, good Experiences, can involve narrative, but narrative is only potentiality—it/they can be actualized in whole or in part. Counter-narratives spur our impotentiality. Ultimately, Experience is narrative given truth and reality. Water Maker & Star Seeker represent/embody potentiality; Shining Flame & Black Mother are much more in the actualization of the specific. ShF scores the truth into existence while BM represents dissemination to a degree.

Dragons->Experience, they are the runes, are the wyrms that are wise

But we all are—they know and work within this paradigm

Thorn writes that Feri is very much a practice of reintegrating self from its chronic and quotidian sites of dispersal. In a sense, then, the dragons are integrated beings who can slide between aspects of their wholeness. [WTAW] is one of SS’s rune-selves.

Really, it’s a core “principle,” experience of being Star Seeker, but it’s only one. Like Odin’s bajillion names/selves/aspects. Each is a form and font of power, a role, authority, and a facet of truth.

Only the simplest of beings could be limited to one name/sign. Only the most fragmented can only perceive of its discrete roles/aspects with no sense of the harmony that should exist in integration.

These lessons about signs, runes, gods, are just as applicable to persons.

The “wish bird” concept in Feri and Thorn are basically a form of rune-weaving/experience fashioning.

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