Spring and the Call to Art

Athene’s WTAW make me think of a leaf from a tree, and I wonder if it might be an olive leaf.

Athene points to the active shaping of Chaos, but Odin and Freya (in particular) to the seidr breathing through Chaos.

The world, everything, do not move—you do. You move and act—maneuver and position to see. The world never moves, though it may appear to do so. The world and Chaos never move, they never “went away”—you did. If you could not see them, you moved somewhere from which you could not see them. It’s always there.

And this is partly the secret of the dancing mind, moving through tableaux like a dancer surrounded by world and life and reality. See how you move, for the world and Chaos are always there. And I allow my mind to grow too geometric with pentagrams and similar thinking when Art is what I’m seeking and making.

And you can dance through yourself and your past (and future)—

This is the breath of spring upon me like a lover, like all springs and the bliss and vision and experience they bring

—Adorno does not see drama or performance—he focuses on scripts and recordings and scores—not the act, nor improve, nor collaboration, nor dance. He reifies aesthetics into mere artifacts.

* * *

I moved through the trails in the park’s rear, in the gloom with voices somewhere behind me, and it was like a dream. Imagining forest animals being mistaken for faeries as humans projected little versions of themselves into the scrub.

K. felt Saerien—“very old,” “very dead,” and he was sad, awed, and a little scared. He wants to return on his own to croon and keen for the dead elder.

In the webs and seas of Chaos, Law appears through iteration and instantiation, as potentialities of a moment collapse into actualities.

I banished _____ the third time today—he appeared a husk today that I burned to ash via ShF and fed to the maws of the dragon via BM.

There has been something about Angus—a significance for me, to me that is emerging.

A big storm is passing through. Sometimes, when collected, whole, I can intuit what to shift—and then it’s a matter of doing it. Magic, in part, comes out of doing something to accomplish something, even if that act shouldn’t ordinarily do it. Action and will and choice.


Part of it is that we are already connected & woven in with everything else. Cartesian and Xian duality have conditioned us to not see the world and ourselves that way—to isolate and leave us lonely in our heads.

Magic and shaping Chaos isn’t just fashioning & forging—very tool-using [metaphors]—thought and language are also options.

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