Shaping & Halthaya

One practice to work on is the dropping away of pointless or needless concerns—annoying people and situations, self-destructive feelings, frets, etc.

Is part of the halthaya and push-back against magic sometimes, at least, a problem of going too long and too deep into the Dream and failing to negotiate the—not divide but thresholds—part of my efforts have lagged because of impatience and lack of meaningful socialization, so I’ve been more over there than here when I can. However, kinesthesia and mindfulness do seem to improve mood, magic, and make things less abstract.

We posit these realms as opposed, as being binary to each other—that the urban of Koranith cannot interact or is antithetical to the Green or Saiyûnor, let alone the Dream vs. the Real. But they can meld, negotiate, and evolve into each other. So can you. Knowing those realms also helps—lucidity requires awareness and a will to awareness, understanding, and growth.

Because that’s what you and Dana have been trying to do: you grump, you teacher, you sage, you crazy diamond—

Really weird week—

MW has been watching me use WtaW and so forth, so, y’know—that’s awesome and cool for him. I wonder how that will turn out for him. It shows the living nature of the Dream, and its mercurial—well—potentialities. It also makes me wonder about all the demons, daemons, etc. twisted into shape by Xianity and Hermeticism, and the like. (Let alone other beings.) Hine’s notes of working with Goetic entities shows—suggests they were very paradigmatically shaped & responsive, as well as archaic.

I’ve noted that [Elethis] and [WtaW] have become more transparent, almost intuitive, and I wonder if it’s because I’ve integrated and projected them enough that they’re more immediately Present or I’m partly in those experiential realities…?

I used [WtaW] on [place] earlier, and that seemed to open the building up to the realm beyond—Koranith with Saiyûnor here in Haisuith—I mean; its and [Elethis] and [WtaW] are developments I should look into.

The hands, at least via the sensory homunculus, occupy so much brain processing time that I wonder how that ties into mudra and the like.

That is something: I’ve mostly been projecting WtaW internally—integrating [Elethis][WtaW] etc. (don’t forget [WtaW]), but what about into the Dream and environment more generally. What about [fehu]? What about kinesthesic projection? Experimentation is necessary. The same may be true of energy work and elthil. (But, let’s keep integrating, but play.)

It’s been hard to maintain a strong sense of kinesthesia while channeling elthil without having to focus mental/visual/breath. Actually, after—channel kinesthesia was good last week—

I could not hear Dana, really, until I learned to or was able to love myself—and trying to reform my demons has been a large part of that.

The world and problems and people have the power over me that I give them—just like halthaya.

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