The Web of Fate as Metaphor

MW has been reading and having the odd apple he finds.

The “web of fate” metaphor is one that’s common, and AL had bought into that (we had) in the past, but as I walked with K, the idea of roots and limbs of the wyrd—the soughing is a song of the wyrd (whatever that means)—it’s not just roots—those may be the opening and development of wyrd, but the growth spreads—

–it is akin to finding out who you should be talking to and joining into that chorus, conversation—finding the right way to talk, the right places/levels, the right people—a layered, textured “chorus” (chorus isn’t right—harmonies and discordances; well, not the typical lots of people singing the same thing—Law Chorus and its Adorations of Law)

But it’s also like there’s something in the air, there on the edge of the Dream and Real. Patches of gossamer in the air—like spiderwebs, but not quite—there’s a reason fate has the spider associations it does.

Posture, stand tall—really makes a difference.

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