Cosmologies, The Morrigan and Tourism, Sundry Notes on Dunn

The upper branches of Elethis can lead to “higher worlds,” but She doesn’t think I’m ready just yet, and to talk of them would mean little to me now. So likewise, the roots reach down into the Lower Realms, but they’re less an “Underworld” than something far more diverse. Elethis (“She” as Dana-Morrigan put it—“we are aspects and faces of each other” I try to accurately quote). I had the impression that men choose to class Elethis and its like as male for their phallic asprations.)

[composite WtaW](?) I defixio’d for love, forming a recursive visual poem that I left in a tree on campus—a tree seemed apt to get my desire into the world, given Elethis—

The Abred-Annwyn-Gwynned cosmology is a British hoax that mangles Welsh words with Xian notions of Asian reincarnation beliefs and the Three-Realms cosmologies.

She tests me at times, I think. She asked me if I want, would be one of her crows/ravens, but I tell her I want to be her child, to learn and come with her, but I’d rather—well, okay, I don’t know; I’m wary of immediately doing so.—

She sits very clearly atop the cubicle, dangling a beautiful leg down and tells me YES she tests me, that I am WISE in not answering or choosing when my desire and will aren’t clear to me yet—and I may be more an eagle, falcon, phoenix

–“And we’re all dragons in our way”

I need to develop the wisdom of pride, to be proud but wisely so, confident authority and power.

She likes MW, sees him as an example of power, cunning, wisdom (on my part)

(He’s meanwhile all “ma’am…”)

One thing I thought about is that an “astral temple” may be good to fashion, distinct from elaith-tir. I hate that term, though (astral temple)—“freehold”—[locale found the other night] [TG]? It’s a fairly blank affair right now—but that may be a hold there to retire to, a way point—I could do it in a space in Elaith-tir? I’ll read Dunn’s notions on it later—

She prefers “Dana” (vs. Danu or Thana) because I have more love for “Dana”

Dunn’s street magic chapter is far more useful than anything in his other book. He addresses glamours (and warns about hurur)—aura reading as something to develop, and the solar plexus “tendril” as a way to do things (simple tricks) with people.

His notions about the astral temple are pretty straight forward: imagine it, do it, inhabit it, use it. He’s an advocate for building imaginative spaces up via immersion until they’re alive and real for you.

His “acts of power” are also very interesting: mundane acts you will do that you invoke/incant with an arcane statement of intent and magical mindset. For example, my first was that I’d finish my workout, with mudra (my anchor), band, Presence, etc. He advocates this as a praxis for increasing power via the paradigmal basis of signal/info theory: increase your channel to the universe (or however) by spelling for things you make happen. If nothing else, it seems helpful for priming oneself as well.

Sometimes I feel distracted and fuzzy-eyed, but I think sometimes that may just be honest to Dana sensation from outside your head. It’s a sense of reality but with the Dream and magic—real and clear and bright.

A sense of freaky precog—mild, but there—

His notes on fear—acknowledge the fear, show it you recognize it—

He advocates “shielding” as necessary, if you feel the need, not paranoia.

His acts of power he advocates doing at least once a week—personally, several times a day.

Morrigan landed atop the bus earlier, chilled there and rode. This elicited, from MW, a comment that he thinks she really likes me.

Can you “meta-magic”—act of power doing an effect (say, aligning?)? Would it matter?

[Dunn] advises that lying hampers the mage, for lying obscures reality and obscures your will from the Dream.

I used to avoid my wings, didn’t want to deal with them because I didn’t want to think I might be angelic (“Damn celestials.”) and/or I thought they made me look girly or off. They kinda do, but they’re mind and I want them.

The trees are soughing something aloud into the world. They’re helping sing the world.

My wing feathers are honey blonde—at least during the day—big surprise.

Why do I begin [pentacle] from North but Guardians from East (SS)? What changes with the WtaW?

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