Weaving, Summer’s Approach

[Friend’s] in his odd science fictional longing for something beyond where we are right now, but I don’t think he’s going to break beyond the shells around him presently, not any time soon.

Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve—I’ve mostly run out of time today for what I’d planned, but I think I’ll attempt the foundations of a freehold rath and med’n and a defixio to move beyond fear and anxiety. Tomorrow I will honor Dana-Morrigan and expand on the rath—and celebrate.

The open [work] position makes me anxious, but it’s heartening from a magical perspective: I did incant often for such opportunities, and I have to pursue it now. Being even in sight of attaining things I’ve sought shows me I’ve too often sought to handicap myself or have been afraid to get what I told myself I wanted. This is a trait I wish to unweave and it doesn’t help my magic or my life or my spirit.

There’s a pressure in the world at the moment, mounting as Midsummer approaches. Ref: notes from Beltane & the Equinox. Energy, elthil, whatever the pressure is building until a release. Humans notice it passingly and distract themselves. It’s like the Worlds are breathing, or something passes between them at these times—

–beyond that, the Higher World is closer at the moment, or I’m sensing its influence, an influence that’s always there. It’s like the symbols of this world not “rarefied” but subtler, a level of interconnectedness that reflects wyrd and fate and causation and—the barriers are thinner, more transparent but the sense of the influences is like noise to me right now, too much sensation and information. I know everything is still there, and I can perceive it all still, but it’s like gauze, obscuration, but things are also closer.

The gods are patient with perspective born of perceiving more of the threads of the tapestry: weaving threads and currents fates and circumstances and choices together, in concert or in rivalry. Meta-symbol and meta-narrative but more gossamer and more substantive than that. Abstraction that grows concrete here, but also potentiality that actualizes.

Weaving those realities competes against other weavers

In theory, nearly anything should be possible, though it may have unintended consequences (and might you reweave something and it affect its history and future? Not even counting unintended consequences—you are altering the causal nexus while caught within it, but all action does that). Are the gods inured? Or do they merely (“merely”) guard the way?

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