Transition & Reading

I feel a bit tentative but far better once I align.

Laying down last night, my mind felt strange and full already, but going into the glade and into my perch left me channeling this full-blown ecstatic fit with Morrigan in the back, behind me. My head was filled with fire, so I spoke and spelled, affirming my desires and rejecting the usual but this was—extended. I think in part _____ and Morrigan had made my mind and spirit pregnant and enflamed and strange, but there was also tiredness, tension release, and more. Work left me disconnected despite everything else.

Then I dreamt of myself and of the Morrigan and a woman—see the dream journal entry for 6/29/14.

I feel a bit weird wired fey about it, and it’s easy to stay in my head about it. But then the Dream and my Presence recede—and there’s a mindfulness to remaining myself but connected and Present, and I feel more whole and relaxed and confident and so on. Still energetic, but less frantic manic. And in my head, Elethis is less visible, and I want her there.

___ pointed me to some suggestive comic choices (Phonogram 1 & 2; The Wicked + The Divine; web sites/blogs re: Morrigan; also “RPGs” that are more slanting RP ritual exercises for shamanic experiences). Ah, and the person working on the big book of the Morrigan.

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