Worries, Embodied Practice, Elethis

In waking up this morning, I felt anxious about money, work, today’s schedule, the looming fall schedule. I was aware that these felt like old, habitual fears,–the clenching from worry about my tooth, as well—but those things are what the energy work, med’n, aligning, and practice should help. Ground me in mindfulness, wholeness, connectedness, my magic. Not ignore problems, but be responsive to them in the manner they demand and to remain self-possessed, to continue my Path and magic. To remain Present, not buried under hurur of anxious egos and halthaya.


There’re benefits to Thorn’s approach to locating magic and breath in the body—it promotes mindfulness but also a kinesthetic approach to magic and the Path that allows you to associate the wholeness and stillness with your daily physical state, and it makes it easier to incorporate practice into daily and public life. Locating stillness in the center of gravity and genital chakras allows you to reference that “stillness” while out and about. Doing so also demystifies the process, the concepts, and the Path, makes it a Path and not an ultimate, unattainable thing.

It’s something that can be as natural as breathing, as joyful as a stroll, as awesome as the World Tree rising into the Higher Worlds.

[Elethis] points to Elethis, but not to the White Mount, I think.

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