White Mount, Corunor, Aurics

Last night I went to the glade and chilled with the Morrigan. It was quiet, though I found myself drifting nonetheless—

K has grown more affectionate of late after his growth and, I guess, my growth.

Today I’ve been fretting the new “big orders” at work, but I realized today I have less than a month here now—

I should look into what the White Mount is—it’s too prominent—but K’s not sure, or didn’t feel confident to share.

I should also go ahead with my home defixio—I have red pens finally—but I should also do my deflection spell, just make it the lorem ipsum with surrounding focus and spiral-in over-sigils (i.e., sigils, multiple spirals intended to draw in effects to the ward [for ____, _______, and myself]).

Thorn reminds me of the fact that if you can’t sense what you’re trying to do, imagining it can help you initiate and build it up. (Really, visualization.) And it’s tempting for halthaya to tell me “You’re just imagining,” but I also imagine everyday and everything I do. Visualization requires imagination, and to denigrate, degrade imagination into mere unreality is one of the great lies of halthaya and the hosts.

Sacred, divine, Otherworldly mountains are akin to World Trees, though they represent more often one path, singular focus to a summit—Mt. Olympus leads to Olympus, not the worlds. They lead to thrones. It’s the Otherworldly manifestation of Law to the Chaos of Elethis.

[White Mount] White Mount

During my [work] med’n, I felt that I should visualize the WtaW ([Elethis][Corunor]) as entering, melding with my body and Presence. [Elethis] makes Elethis more visible and clearer, and I noted I can see the White Mount from Elethis’s branches.

My impression of the Mount may be partial—I see that part that intersects my vision of the Middle Worlds.

Otherwise, I spent more time with [Corunor] and in Corunor, in the woods and poking around. I think I saw a cottage, and the woods touch foothills to some old mountains. I am seriously starved for trees, though, and, well, fondling them. However, Corunor is good for strengthening my Presence, the shadowed gaze, and—well, Corunor’s growing more distinct. Clear.

It’s about clarity and vision—leading to magic and action. I sat down, looked out at Elethis, the trees, the clouds and sky, and all I could say was Oh my god. It’s so easy, at this time of day, to feel calm, relaxed, confident, and clear—to look out into the Worlds from here—and I want that all the time.

I briefly experimented with the cycling currents. My big challenge is that I have a very diffuse “aura” (perceptual body, “Mental Soul”). I also wonder what the wings do. I do want to try the clear and bright glamour of Presence Thorn references, but the cycling may be good to implement to help sustain Presence. However, I think sustaining or expanding practice helps inure and entrench myself with myself in dealing with the world.

I expand my aura out to ludicrous levels—from the room out to the apartment to looking at Elethis and Haisuith. I shouldn’t contract; I think that’s been one of my strengths with my diffuseness, though it has also probably left me open and maybe over-sensitive. “Shields” are blinders, or can be. But I can breathe and charge the “Shining Body,” and having it more fully cycle and align with the Sticky may be something to try. A verbal component to aligning, just to signal to myself, might also be good.

It’s fundamentally just an act of self-possession & reclaiming the self.

Cycling the elthil in the bodies energizes them, but it also forces you to be aware of them together (not counting kinesthetic and God Soul—but Thorn also has those addressed as well).

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