Axis Mundi, Aurics, Four Sphinxes

I went into the glade last night, and the Morrigan said the White Mount—what I immediately see is just part of the mountain, and She says there is a city of gods in, on, around the Mount, so it is a potentially dangerous place to go visit. [And well, it’s a lawful Axis Mundi.]

I recall that I dedicated myself to Chaos not long before discovering [Elethis] and Elethis and the rest of my recent experiences.

I went to Corunor after speaking with Her, said hello, but I’m too sleepy these days—I drift off in short order. I saw my sisters amongst the Crows, but we had little but pleasantries [before I fell asleep]. They were glad to see me, though.

I’m trying to experiment with the cycling elthil, and it’s not hard to set up once you get the visualization going, but I’m not sure how persistent and consistent it is right now.

My dreams are scenes disconnected, it seems, right now. Vignettes, I’d blame TV, but I haven’t been watching it of late other than what I catch while ________ watches NetFlix.

Corunor grows clearer to me the more I do my [work] med’n, and the cottage there is an unpainted, plain wood with something like a dream-catcher on the door. (Hallo the door/house—don’t just barge in)—the charm may be a distraction/lure/trap->

Get a new wind chime and use it for the protective effect—and to distract other things—

The WtaW help the shadowed gaze.

My aura is very diffuse and goes out a ways—20’ outside in front of me, at least as far as most rooms indoors. Cycling is easy to get going synchronous directions, but the countercurrent is more problematic. I think part of the trick is not to pay too close attention at times, and a bit of sleight of mind and dancing mind helps.

There’s a, or can be, a giddy aspect to the cycling, but I can see how you can “train” these bodies, after a fashion. I’ve been doing so with my Aura/Shining Body for a while, expanding it out during alignment (room->flat->MW->LW->HW). I’ve seen my Sticky start to reflect […] me. I’ve been remiss with the God Soul, though.

(I couldn’t remember earlier what I’d asked K to do this morning—go work on securing funding—and I couldn’t hear anything when I asked him, but I think I hit a bit of halthaya [K as “imaginary”] but really, I brain-farted and then lost the thread. Disconnected from my connection to him briefly. We got it soon, but I let my self doubt a bit there, and my brain was off in [professional] land.)

Now, I want to say these bodies can do more—the Presence and the Bridge are partly the point, linking Earth with the Otherworlds—but I’ll have to play, I suppose. One thing is to just align and sync better than I have, and the “shining” glamour practice Thorn’s described. I also want to accentuate my own faerie, winged Presence and see where that goes.

JW tells me the Host are less active here, but I suspect they’ll try […]the area, and [other uni]. She tells me the fracking is something to watch for the blight and, well, […] taint it’s putting out into [town]. Harvesting the dust and bones of Saerien with poison—

A chimera working to align, to develop the triple souls—that’s a thought.

Cf., meanwhile, Dunn’s notes on etheric tentacles from the solar plexus in relation to Thorn’s work—Dunn & the CM view that chakras as an elthil battery, though.

Levi’s Four Sphinxes, as quoted by Thorn:

  1. intelligence illuminated by study->to know
  2. intrepidity nothing can check->to dare
  3. a will that cannot be broken->to will
  4. prudence that nothing can corrupt or intoxicate->to keep silent

The short version is oft reproduced. The full version offers interesting nuance and clarity. Know what you can do, could do, should do, how and why—prepare, consider. Then dare to do so. Though->action. But then, the will to persist, to keep daring, to see it through, to own that action and its consequences. The prudence: the wisdom of self-reflection and moving on, not belaboring, pride but not hubris. Now that’s done, what next?

Thorn couches all this in terms of desire and our relationship with desire. I do like her exploration of what desire feels like to us as individuals. Desire feels like flight, taking to wing, grinning and looking with hunger at the world with a shadowed gaze—it feels like lightness, like dauntless, fickle, laughter. In TTL do we aspire to the highest peaks of desire—free to be—so many things.

Thorn says “2-3 feet” for the size of an aura—how the fuck do—what? Really? Mine’s going out 20’ in front of me—diffusely—but—Making myself check the flows of elthil gives me a sense of—well, a bit of a rush. Will be interesting when combined with brightness. (Clear and bright!)

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