Gods, Elethis, and Connections

K & I spoke on the way home about the Otherworlds & Gods—the metaphors that can be used, at least. In one sense, the Worlds are narrative domains, interconnecting to each other through shared themes, associations, correspondences. The realms are alive, are sentient in their fashion. They are shaped by art & authorship, though, even as they are sources of elthil. Gods meanwhile cross & span realms, growing beyond one, almost as if they were cross-over characters, meta-aware, seeing paths through the worlds, themselves conglomerates of WtaW, experiential realities they’ve accreted and molded that span many worlds, or can.

They see, find WtaW and coils of elthil they like, or fashion, make them part of themselves, and they become self-authoring and author figures. Dragons are much the same, though tied to the Otherworlds in not quite the same way, but gods can be dragon-like, and vice-versa.

Elethis is a nexus of narrative potential, the “library,” but also godlike Herself. Elethis is stranger and more important than this—Elethis provides, represents the channel, flows of elthil from world to world but also the connections, choices, resonance. Elethis is the Worlds as a God—

The call I hear are those Worlds I am attuned to, which are places of power, identity, and well—desire for me.

K noted that, still, the Green and Gaia theory is another series of metaphors that are also applicable.

This world grows contracted in part as humanity grows too large & too contracted itself while dreaming of Apocalypses and demonic futures that draw Earth closer to infernal realms.

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