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The Otherworlds are still close for me, and I think I want to include Elethis in my pantheon. I moved Angus to the God/secondary position, mostly because, well, why haven’t I?

When cycling elthil or working with the Presence, feel the sticky body, feel the aura—don’t just “see” the aura and the cycling.

I ventured to Corunor last night, but I did little other than get sleepy.

I can feel, see Elethis and Haisuith (if that’s what it is).

TOPY locate sex as the foundational site of control and paradigmal & psychological conditioning. Accordingly, they advocate sigilizing and masturbating to the sexual fantasy you find most pleasurable with the intent of actualizing that fantasy.

They also argue pleasure has become not sought after (i.e., an active choice) but presented to people “in simulated forms”—active expression becomes “passive pastime” mediated by others. Desire becomes manufactured by others in mass rather than we determining our desires. Media maintains “continual high expectation” but never “final gratification”—attaining the pleasure provided is always deferred and mediated—they argue this produces fear of a realization of desire, and, well, unhealthy conceptions of desire, “divorc[ing] the individual from his or her true feelings and instincts.” They posit TV as being an experiential reality dissemination that promotes “inadequacy” and “second-hand traumas and complexes” (but that’s art & drama & life)—but yeah, TV as art and media and relater of experience. TOPY argues TV leads people to invest elthil into fetishized TV realities rather than using it themselves. TV becomes vampiric and one-sided. The scopophilic aspect of TV promotes mind & body dualism and fragmented self & worldview (no Presence, encouraging halthaya, etc.). TV becomes in Horkheimer & Adorno’s views mere entertainment that spreads and defends normalcy and dominant culture, determines “normal” for the culture—it doesn’t reflect real life or the potentialities of existence, so, TOPY says, people feel like failures unable to compete with TV reality, and bored (TV reality is too perfect in most cases). However, cf. art vs. entertainment.

(However I question what “real world” TOPY wants to show us—mundane reality?) (The halthaya, hurur, and mûl-ôl?)

My [pentagrams] remain pale green with the inner triskel—

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