Phantoms, Internalizing the Otherworlds, Conceiving the World

I’ve had the feeling that I’m missing something—something going on around me or in the Otherworlds. Last night I went to the glade, the blue sky peaking [peeking?] through clouds and over the trees that were bare like in late autumn. Elethis rose, of course. I looked, out as I walked about with K, and I tried to make it all clearer. I felt there was something going on, and I tried to pin that feeling down, but I was tired.

Stepping outside today, the blue sky and clouds were glorious, and I tried to enjoy them. It’s tempting to think mischief is afoot—I imagined VU fighting things at home, but I doubted that—and it wasn’t true when I projected my Presence to my own room to look (Projecting the Presence seems like it’s important and fundamental to do—otherwise, you’re imagining in your head and hitting whatever fantasies, and fears you have).

And it feels good to channel [Elethis] again, taking the Otherworlds into me again.

—it occurs to me that “taking the Otherworlds” into myself, trying to straddle this Earth and others—Elethis and more—does something. (Or it should.) Incarnate here, I have been tied into the WtaW of this world, realm, etc. I’m sticky, it’s sticky, and to others from outside, I and we probably look like any number of astral dudes, “elementals” in some realm or World. Incarnation catches you within causal and paradigmal and correspondences—within a field of associations and codes—resonance, elthil, the “spirit” of a place/world determines much (often unexamined) and permeates us, greedily claims us. You move someone to another realm all that tries claim (or kick them out) or the inhabitants react to something they perceive as uncanny. But unhinging, unsticking oneself from the WtaW of your incarnate realm and avoiding getting caught in another—faerie food, etc.

Most people only assume only one world other than afterlives.

Taking the Otherworlds into yourself and drawing them in & close and into this realm should begin changing you, either hybridizing, liminalizing, or something—mind you, I’ve been ping-ponging between work and Elsewhere, so the precise influences may not be immediately noted by me or may be blunted.

We internalize the experientiality of the realm, as well, its paradigm and shaping of us (we ordinarily call this strange phenomenon “experience”), but halthaya and mûl-ôl become the concrete exfluence of the realm making people part of the realm. Earth identity and experience. [Dasein in meta-physical, ontological level.] This is the “danger” of art and etc. for expanding our notions of the possible, potential, identity, and culture. Alterity and art and magic—the realm doesn’t want us to imagine ourselves as someone else. Early drama was ritualized to try and normalize, sacralize and contain that ontological Otherness and Othering, but people played gods, heroes, and clowns, and storytelling put people into other, alterior places & identities.

Incarnation likely is the biggest chain or instigator. Gods as disincarnate—unbound, free—have leeway.

The Path, meanwhile, has us reclaim our bodies as our own, our minds, and our spirits—our connection to that which exists beyond this WtaW—however, I don’t’ think Thorn is thinking multiversally, nor are the transcendentalists.

I wonder if I’ve been too broadly-minded—trying to connect to everything all at once. There’s a reason you have [Elethis] and [Corunor]—Saiyûnor would be good but Corunor, as well.

What happens in identifying with the SG or Elethis or a god? With those [??]—or multi-realm forces? Most of the time, though, people only see the SG as creator of the uni-verse, so not much probably happens.

Eliphas Levi (EL): Jesus as “the Word incarnate”—the Word and WtaW->We acknowledge a “Word,” Logos, as the basis of this realm. That “Word” is highly tied to “God” as its demiurge and spirit of the WtaW [intelligence?]—thus Lilith and others running riot with the Word.

I want more Otherworldly fruits.

The wells of the earth as passages into Otherworlds—Saerien and the dead and boundaries.

And yet, despite the “Word,” the Green and trees and the earth and animals are here, and they—defy—this logocentric usurpation of the realm. Haisuith vs. Koranith vs. YHWH etc.—other WtaW exist or touch into this realm, but we exist in a distinct flavoring/interpretation/manifestation—realms, all the Worlds are texts (textus, weaving). That text is composed of many WtaW coming together in particular ways, resonances, elthil, etc. But this realm is also a WtaW—and gods and mortals have been trying to shape it (White Mount and mountain god).

I look up and out, and I act like I see Elethis & the Otherworlds—and I wonder—do I? No, I act as if I see something wonderful, and I look, and it’s all there. I perceive it all on some level, unconscious, or I can.

On my walk, it was threatening to storm, and some storm spirit blew through, but it brought the Otherworlds closer. I called to the MW, and it was like the trees and winds responded; I called to the HW; and I called to the LW—which feel solid, heavier, weightier.

Metaphors have power, paradigmal power—and in many ways, the LW form a foundation for all the rest, the soil from which Elethis springs, just as the HW represent potentialities and sky aspirations and the source of sun & wind.

I feel there are weaknesses to address—obviously, but these have been longstanding things that I want to resolve. Firstly, my immediate job crisis has been sorted, and I feel energy and elthil and potentiality pooling rather than going into worry[…]

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