Fetching, de Grandising & Audiencing & Godsing, Grounding

On the way to work today, I had moments where I thought I could see the Otherworldly influences flowing into and through this realm. This is like an extension of feeling like I’m missing something, and they are still unclear to me. It’s tempting to see those influences in code or arcane symbology terms—but I’m not a coder or qabalist. The best approach to me is Silence leading to seidr-like immersive manipulation, and weaving ala _____ (textus).

Also, my metaphor for describing what I saw is developing—“conduits” and “code,” “vortices” and “currents” of Otherworldly influence and elthil, in the sky, welling up from below—but sing, weave, speak, immerse, shape

In doing my [Elethis] Presencing and channeling (and projection), I began to get the sense I could better meld the Presence and my body—with my Presence bridging to here or bridging my body there. I had a sense of the Presence still moving, her bare feet along one of Elethis’s branches—it was…sensual, distracting, threateningly and enticingly immersive—

—but the fact she was still moving and so forth—it’s said the fetch, etc. can keep doing so if you leave her away from you—but that presupposes she’s a “puppet” with a mind of her own. Or, really, a part of me with her own—aspect? Uniting us seems better, increasing identity both ways and bridging—I don’t want to maintain some artificial, transcendental, body-spirit dichotomy because that’s paradigmally limiting.

Also, I always feel like I’m in the same place in the Wood or on the same branch of Elethis, as if (1) I can most naturally find/perceive one specific branch, like that close to this realm, and (2) I’ve seen another when I look at Elethis and imagine a path to Corunor. It’s been easier to glimpse the canopy in the HW through the low-lying branches. As for projection, “remixes” of WtaW may help some. [Elethis] [Elethis with connecting branches to stem] [more leaf-like shape] etc?

I’ve felt that “fetch” “doing things” kinesthetically flowing over into me in the past, I think. My ejaculatory moments may sometimes come from this. (And stress-> relaxation, etc.)

deG is a bit too “Feri gods are the best parents I wish I’d had”

deG (and others) argue for altars as literal power spaces, not “merely” metaphorical spaces—metaphors are real, of course—and weaving the space with that in mind.

deG’s ideas about “feeding” the gods strikes me as a weird, idiosyncratic thing she took as truth. To say the gods “need” feeding is a screwing failure of the syntax of desire—and magic. [She’s framing this idea for her beginner audience. The gods don’t need the food and devotion as a way to form a bridge to deity—you can also do so to yourself and your selves in theory. Now, these acts also help form a relationship with deity. Practitioners “need to feed” their relationships and personal connections to gods and so on. They’re also magical acts that invite the Otherworldly into our lives and this realm.]

To be fair, part of that is audience. deG’s sentences tend to be simple sentences, but those are easier to write and edit and read. It also helps establish a particular ethos I’m not liking.

But her poetry prayers, etc. read as simple […], but spoke, performed—they’re evocative. I went back to the lesson 2 exaltation of body and light and identification with the SG, and I’m whispering it to myself at [work], and it’s having an effect on me—hell, it left me feeling good and etc. for a good couple of hours. The images and sounds have power.

Now, I also don’t want to give a shit about grounding because I don’t want to be grounded. I want to be fey and Otherworldly and in the Otherworld. My sense of the “fetch” still acting most folks would attribute to lack of grounding, but I want to see as poor integration. Grounding is another manifestation of transcendentalism and matter-spirit distinction. That said, I think Thorn frames the issue better as a matter of mindfulness and Presence: we want to Bridge the Worlds and ourselves, not dwell all there or sustain a false divide between lives, Worlds, states.

However, I will admit I’m a bit too harsh of deG, though I dislike her writing and some of her paradigmally “witchy” notions.

I should speak/incant more than I do—I want to pre-write, but I don’t want to recite from a text most of the time. I also want to record what I say, but I don’t have a good way to do so. It felt good doing it earlier, though.

My problem, in part, has to do with an [overly educated]-person’s expectation of artistry and form, which winds up being paralyzing as far as doing anything goes. So I should spell for improvisational virtuosity, or at least skill. This self-limitation applies to far more—

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