Perfection, Evil, Giants

I went to the glade last night, and the Morrigan asked me more of my will to magic & power and why I wanted wonders and more. Because I can do so, because I want the Otherworlds and power and freedom, because I defy the limitations of this world on me. She took me to Corunor where I met briefly with my Crow sisters, but I was fading. I recalled a dream as the Morrigan and I spoke, finding ourselves there, but I recall little of it now other than me floating, back arched, in the air, facing upwards.

I spoke with K about incanting and weaving, the subtle form of halthaya that emerges in expecting magic to require perfection in rhyme and speech. In part, occultists create that expectation in writing about things, especially the c.m.s. It’s a gatekeeping measure, but Xian prayer is a subjected form of incanting—and the faith places the communal forms of incanting under pastoral and priestly authority.

I slept on the floor, stretching my core as well as I could, and I felt taller (which also makes me feel more me). Enhancing Presence in this realm, or my sense of Presence, also helps with that. It’s weird to think my exercise has been contracting me through muscle and tendon tightness. I’ve been a bit lax with stretching and flexibility, and my legs are starting to rebel. My shoulders also prove to act in phases of tightness and soreness.

I am daughter of the Morrigan.

My wings have grown black as the raven’s

She gave me for a heart.

My eyes color midnight

And my gaze has shadowed

Looking into the Otherworlds

Penetrating the veils of Earth

I grow tall and fey and free

Soaring over the Worlds,

Alighting on the Tree’s branches.

I see and feel the Otherworlds

My words call and shape across them.

I serve as Her Crow,

Daughter of the Morrigan and Angus.

I act as witch and ______,

Little god of days and nights,

Dance in the rain and wind

Under sun and moonlight showers.

I do get tired of deG’s refrain that the Third Road is “dangerous”—so much fluff between me and the content for no good reason. deG alludes to some “powerful rite” that opened her to a very anthropomorphic experience of the world for a year or so, but—well—I suspect her experience was highly mediated by her upbringing.

The invocation about the SG and one’s body and light dispelling evil makes me wonder—what “evil” does the SG’s light dispel? It’s not “darkness” but “evil”—and isn’t that evil part of the SG as well?

_____, the SG, and Elethis and the Multiverse suffer from infections, entropy, and turning against themselves—in a way, the Macro reflects the problems of the Micro and people, divided against themselves, spawning demons, schizophrenia,—At the Multiversal level, and personal and social scales. What does halthaya do to realms? It concretizes them and diminishes them, and branches die.

But then, Odin said Ragnarokr is always happening.

“Everywhere She [goddess of sovereignty] arises with waters, the wellspring of the life within the land. That life force itself is sovereignty.”—Morph

—cf. having to sustain energy, elthil, and Presence against halthaya, for self-possession. (NB: Morph also looks to sovereignty as legal/political role rather than just self-possession).

(The sovereign’s connection to land and goddess is what matters here for her.) Self-sovereignty requires treating ourselves and our charges with integrity, sacrifice, and treating ourselves and our charges—our responsibilities with a certain sacral quality.

Morph reminds me of the Morrigan’s other disciplines: protection, terror, wealth, sexuality, incitement to greatness, seership, poetry, druidic craft—ancestral currents & life of the land, the waters. The Tuatha, Morph notes, are very much twilight gods. The Tuatha are known for their virtuosity and many talents.

It’s interesting that other than assholes, giants, and the like, fiends only really enter the consensus via Xianity and the Abrahamic religions. Well, okay, plague spirits & jinn (good & bad) & things like primal forces like Tiamat and Pazuzu and Apep—other giants and the like—relics of the dawn of time. The Abrahamic, dualistic ones like Zoroastrianism make demons a fear and force, demonizing other religions but also putting demons into the consensus. Those religions destabilize reality and psychology, and they push away corrections. My thinking makes these faiths demonic and infectious themselves, diabolic pyramid schemes to diminish reality.

Morph notes her training to notice subtle Otherworldly phenomenon, and that may be part of what I’ve been sensing at the edges of perception, or at least causal perception.

Social change that isn’t merely cults of personality requires self-possession on a cultural level, encouraged at all levels, but corporatism, Dominionism, and stateism work against that in diverse ways.

The Morrigan has been insistent with me, especially in terms of my will, desire, action, daring, etc. Though I wonder if She’s been such with everyone who reaches a level of relationship with Her. Morph says late 2010, early 2011, She started growing more vocal, but—is that just sampling bias or something else?

The Morrigan being more active suggests we have entered a liminal period of history that will determine a new period. We are living in a crux, and we have opportunities to shape what is coming. We live in fey times.

Morph has a willingness to admit the cosmos and cosmic action to the gods. Hell, she mentions galactic super-[massive] black holes. [Which I appreciate.]

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