Clenchedness, Liminality, Loose Thoughts

I should try to project into dreams I’ve had to try to encourage lucidity.

Liminality is always around us—the present always evaporates in the time between past and future. The Celts & company emphasized the liminal in an attempt to push the Otherworlds back towards other spaces and to times & places they couldn’t get around or avoid: holy days, borders, sea, sky, etc.

My body feels too sore and tight; I want more sleep; I feel tired and cranky and achey. Also, I don’t want to be here [at work].

Mages understand to make their own liminal spaces through different methods, and they made themselves liminal by marking themselves as mages, etc.

Niino notes Feri sacred spaces as (1) spaces of our choosing rather than being theatrical or institutional spaces and (2) are less protective than lens-like for energy, symbol, action, elthil.

I want dance.

It’s mostly stress and psychosomatic. I get into Saiyûnor via [Elethis] at work while Presencing, and I feel almost stoned and good and relaxed. Otherwise, I’m TMJ-ing myself almost.

Corunor—Coru-nor, Saiyû-nor

Koranith, Haisu-ith

(eithil—well, spring)

I forgot my Presence today, and cycling elthil—too much [repetitive task at work].

I want to meditate and relax tonight, and I want to make sure I rite and so forth Thursday or Friday. And as I look out at the trees and Elethis, I see, feel how much I’ve been blinding, clenching myself.

If sex is, as TOPY argues, the foundational site for control, then I’m pretty damn whipped (or not). Don’t overplay that too much, or you’ll just work against yourself.

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