High Sky, The Trail, The Tree

I ventured with K up the trail again with the drums playing—we made good time, and we encountered fallen, rotten, Otherworldly fruits, which I avoided. We determined some berries were good to eat from a bush in the Dark Wood. I had previously seen a deer along the path, and I saw the deer again and hailed hir. Hir went by Elesiaer, and hir welcomed me as someone of that place, and directed me to a stream nearby. We had paused to rest some, and we thanked the deer and went to the stream and its clear, cool waters. I even dunked my head and hair.

We continued and ascended the root from before before leading off and approaching the trunk. The Morrigan swept in and halted us, surprising K even. She said I should wait before continuing, to take my time and acclimate, get better at what I was doing. She directed me to pay attention to the skies—

—it was gray at first, then a beautiful blue sky with cloud, then night with the moon.

She told me to look for the lore and power of the skies and clouds, tied to me and the HW. Day and night seemed to shift on me then. She knew I wanted to climb as high as I could, but She didn’t want me to do so then. Too much too fast—and She wanted me to pay attention to the skies.

But also, with the Gaze, the Otherworlds and HW grew more clear—almost the colors I always want—and my lucidity, awareness, and will to these things occupied us. She asked me about the LW, and I said I wanted all the Worlds, to know and trod them all.

I noted my awareness then was, or seemed, far clearer than normal, and I resolve to pursue clarity if I can—well, I shall.

I spelled for lucidity, awareness of the Otherworlds always, to unite, integrate my dreams and lives.

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