Rhythms & Attention

It’s a chilly, rainy day today. As I went on the path last night, I noted the rhythm of K’s conversation with me, and I noted today while walking the rhythm of my walk, the sounds and traffic, the wind, etc. I’d noted the rhythm of my thoughts and the Otherworlds. K acknowledged this. I think it’s possible to grow a bit too enslaved to the rhythms, especially when you don’t recognize you’re moving, acting, thinking to “it,” or to them. But there’s a lucidity to acting and perceiving the rhythm of the moment, and magic—magic is too often as shouting out blindly at the world without really connecting to it. The rhythm is a way to immerse oneself in the Worlds and Otherworlds—

I think this sense of rhythm has something to do with the thread I glimpsed/felt briefly the other day. And sometimes moments occur where my sense of the Otherworlds click into place, moments of lucidity and relaxed presence. (The Presence.) And I can see how the Otherworlds intersect here. I’ve had that sense twice today, while walking, and now.

The Second Attention is akin to the levels of trance awareness, and I can see—which makes me wonder some about CC.

I’ve grown lax about Presence, as well. The kinesthetic aspect, in particular, I think, for I’ve been busy off in my head a lot as of late.

I find a—I find I gesture towards ideas, towards places, often, and I feel self-conscious about that.

[Elethis] [Corunor] [WtaW] [defender][lucid]

Verbally and gesturally evoke the Presence. And the cycling of elthil.

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