Middle Worlds, Paths, Exploration

I again fell asleep before we got to Corunor, but I woke up for a time this morning. Rather than try Corunor again, K led me off in the Plain, into the Desert.

Mind you, the sand was muddy and wet, like it’d been raining. It was daylight as well. My feet felt weird in the wet sand, but we moved until we passed through a wooded tunnel, through some big, wet trees and their boughs, and I found myself at the side of a road as a car passed in a wooded little area.

K had led me out into the MW, and we skirted the edge of this road to a field nearby, along the road. The wood was really a copse, and we stood then in a cool, misty field that made me think we were in the country near a much larger city—I thought of NYC, but it could’ve been [other, closer cities] for all I know. I pressed on into the field to see where that led me, and I saw a version of Elethis in the distance—different from how she’s looked to me of late in this realm, but as I think about it now, “facet” or something almost holographic comes to mind. Look at it from vantage, and the hologram shows one variation compared to another. So too might Elethis vary in appearance from one realm to the next, or from one World to another. (Which makes me wonder if Elethis has a particular manifestation in this realm physically, but Elethis as a Tree is a vision of the whole and the totality above the LW/ground. The Paths are more immediately reflecting the nature of the Otherworlds and the channels and flows between them. The Paths can be worn into shape and existence, but taking a Path is almost always a matter of will, choice, daring.

Exploring this on a walk is difficult, mostly as a casual course. As I’ve noted, when I tried to skirt into the Otherworlds, going to [work], I was still going to [work], not the Otherworlds. In going for a walk now, the walk itself is its own path, and I plan from the get-go to come back again. The intention of the path should be to explore the Otherworlds, wherever that leads you, and in this realm, you’re trying to come as near as you can to them. That requires a time and journey investment, rest breaks along the way. And you’re throwing yourself into Chaos and causality/potentiality, as well, so it’s what happens and what you notice/meet along that path journey that matters, as well.

Trying to draw the Otherworlds in close can be done, though, on other journeys. In going to work along a particular path, you can still pay attention and wear a path “down” closer to the Otherworlds. Invite the Otherworldly into your life and place. And the timeline of one’s life you can do much the same. (Even the “Arrow of Time” is a path that can be trod many a time. Memory and trying, doing so—))

Now, I was falling asleep again, and I kept imagining/talking to other people other than K. These were dream personae, and I ultimately opened a door back to the glade.

I think I want to take up ___ _____, along the Path towards the Root and the Path to the ___, and Door into it from the glade to speed things up. The Tower can be a sympathetic point with the glade a “base camp” to use Paxson’s metaphor. I still want to journey via the paths to Corunor, but—well, maybe I’ll pull that off tonight.

I’ve also thought about working more explicitly spelling opportunities into my daily life. And spell actions. Kinesthetic actions and the will—

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