Corunor, Otherwordly Power, Parsons

I made it to the Sisters in Corunor on the night of the 15th, passing the cottage, which I think is itself alive and malevolent. The cottage draws one’s attention when you encounter it, and it draws attention back to it when you try to wander off. I managed to do so, making my way to the Sisters where they had me drink their brew, which filled my mind with visions and symphonies. I sat with them for a bit before we moved into the woods to wander for a time.

The next morning, I found myself wondering about what “Otherworldly power” is precisely. We read about it. And my mind conceived that it is creativity, imagination, and belief. I considered the Nazis and the Germans [the Nazis] rallied to do evil, and I now think about the researchers testing people willing to deliver shocks for SCIENCE, and I think about Xians willing to war and kill—and there is Otherworldly power in play. The Nazis used Wagner to imagine and to tap into the Nine Realms and to spur hatred and frustration into inspiration and justice. [Of course, it wasn’t just Wagner by any means.] It’s the same principles as the Gaels used in calling upon the Morrigan before battles, imagining and drawing down power to find victory and strength and more. America has done this, as well—

—however, the drunken, indiscriminate use of that power, and allowing belief to become hurur and delusion and vile hubris that inflicts force on others is a pantomime of power—there is a rub for Nazis, Americans, and profane sorcerers. But in a way, that shows how easy calling on that power can be. How easy magic can be. That’s one reason ritual works: we believe it should, and it helps us suspend our disbelief. (As CMs would agree.)

The Otherworlds represent the rest of the Multiverse, and of course, most of their power, elthil, energy, etc. of everything is out there. Most of it is bound in concrete forms, bound into matter, forms, life, and etc. But all our potentialities are out there. And there is much we can do, that we can tap, and so forth. K confirms that, at least. And I can feel there’s truth to this, but I also feel my own fear, doubt, shame, etc. pull at me—seeing it, I wonder at how my heart and mind sabotage me. The expectations of social status and poor self-esteem, but I resist you, fiends of thought, you things that drag against me.

I have dreamt, within recent memory, of BABALON, or BABALOAN, on at least two occasions. I know I’ve seen Dana […] as BABALON, but also I’d say the SG and […]—afterall, BABALON can represent integrated, awakened will leading the qlippothic and corporeal passions (and body) towards the Path and Will, but I wonder what it means for me to dream of the name and concept, and a woman-as-her. Is this […]-related, or is it goddess related, or […]?

I have to admit that Parson’s account of the BABALON Working [is] compelling, and there’s something to be said for the audacity and daring to call down a god into incarnation, into a evocatory possession. Mind you, that’s done fairly often by CM and pagans, at least. Nah, the Thelemic and Enochian PR overstates all this: others do the same sorts of thing all the time. The Crowlean glamour and the presence of “Otherworldly power,” publicized.

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