Bruno, Art, Experience

I rited for a bit last night, and I find that when I project and imagine the path from my glade towards Elethis, I can see and feel it otherwise while not down and “projecting” in trance.

Bruno, I think, points to an intermixture of sensation and cognition as wallowing us to take in the world and so to constitute it for ourselves, but also the light of the HW, Otherworlds, and our own light (through our conperception of the realities). His Luciferian first concept is thusly something like the SoS.

Bruno suggests a Platonist notion that “weakly composed forms” are ephemeral, forgettable, and the earth realm is an often “vestigial” realm where things, experiences are often forgettable and ephemeral—like us, like our lives, etc. But if we can “compose” “ideas” into the real vigorously—vividly, more fully, beyond mere sight—for magic, our lives, actions, the paths we wear into the worlds—

He offers also his own four-fold sphinx: (1) intention and desire, the notion one longs to actualize; (2) iterable, performative acts that rely on symbology, (spell and ritual); (3) these acts connect to the actual symbolic level of reality; (4) which ultimately connects to truth and “actuality.” Intentionality and will—creative, active agency, art-making, are essential to Bruno.

I think that when Bruno talks of “knowing” something in the mind to better grasp it, I think he’s pointing to paradigmal and SoS inclusion of something so we can better conperceive it.

Platonism really is an aesthetic philosophy, but it’s one without agency for people. The Ideas just—exist—made somehow by God, or whoever, or by nature—but Bruno is a bit of an Aristotelian in that I feel that there’s a poesis aspect—we can make new Ideas, Forms, etc. through aesthetic agency: “We form them.” Art and magic.

Memory is a meta-experience, a record of experience—and Bruno’s art may be a way for modeling experience.

Image: arz, Mist over lake Kaviškis (Lithuania)

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