Faerielands, Faerie Horses, The Shores

I rited and med’d last night briefly, but I also discovered while doing ___ my giddy joy at not just culture jamming but weird little “faerie tricks” as ____ and _______ put it. Not malicious so much as weird, confusing, generating noise—midnight blue trigrams on black with nursery rhymes and people’s names on the other side, mailed to random locations. It’s like information and paradigm jamming, which is culture jamming but intentional.

I called T—the wetlands are at the wilds of the ___ where land, sea, and sky blend together as you get closer to, well, Chaos, to the Isles, and Elethis—

T pointed me towards Ae’s lands almost opposite Elethis, and we rode that way for a very brief bit, but I tried aligning while projecting, but—

—I think playacting projection works better, eyes-open and moving through the scenes. It’s a bit more VR, but it’s more immediate and visceral. Further, it makes me think about how I do magic here—

TI and building worlds, exits, and more with words—magical, experiential realities with words and art—

While I was at the doctor, I realized what I had found in the ___ were its shores—land, sea, and sky as one—at like low tide.

I went walking in the cold, and I feel like—I’ve felt that I’m closer to the second attention I had been skirting around, or ignorant of most of the time—

[WtaW spread]

Knock nine times on the wall—

[square starting at lower left up and right and down and back to start] 9 times around the edges of the wall—-

I imagine a secret panel in the wall, like one of those press and release buttons, and the wall opens to reveal a bare passage, like concrete walls through the back of some institution.

In my dreams, I also remember the stairs leading up to bright faentaur, my dreams of the village and trying to find my way into the wilderness—garden?—areas I’d glimpsed once when I was young.

Part of my process has involved drawing the Otherworlds close, immersing the room with the Otherworlds.

Image: Flur2.UG by Enno Lenze

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