Yet More at the Shores

I went into the ___again last night, at the Morrigan’s suggestion, making my way to the shores and to a spring in the Coastal Forest. I drank the waters before continuing on to Ae’s estate. She had, indeed, a feast prepared, but I drank wine and had a turkey leg—Otherworldly meat feels more invigorating than just fruit, and between wine and the leg, I had my fill. Ae lounged at the table with me,—. I grew tired, and she invited me to spend the night, but I begged off. We rode back to the Shores, and she watched me depart with K.

The ___ has been night the last couple of times I’ve gone—and I felt the scene at Ae’s estate growing clearer the more I acclimated. More immersive.

I returned to the glade and chatted, pondered.

Image: Passionflower

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