Star Seeker and Guardians

[I spoke with Star Seeker about the Guardians.]

Where do you come from?

SS: We’ve always been here. We’re dragons. We’re the WtaW. I’ve been around since there were tempests and the mind gazing out at itself and eternity.

[…] We do teach, after all. Shapeshifters, and we know to change ourselves, to look into where we are already inside you. I am Vision Expansive as Vision Expansive is already inside you, a part of you. Yes, we come from Out There, but we’re already there Inside You. But we, as we taught you, are beings of experientiality, just like you and everything else, and we bond through our shared experientiality.

We found it easier to talk to many as if we were “faeries”—or “Faery,” I suppose—but we might as well be angels or dragons or any number of other things. Just like you. You’re already fae, and you weren’t likely to need others.—And you weren’t ready for others. But a Time Lord or two, Dana, and the beautiful black woman you fancied—and even yourself—C as FitE, well—

Besides, you know who the Tuatha de Danaan are. You’ve met them and more. You’ve been in the Four Cities, off in the ___.

And the elemental aspect is incidental, a result of associations that others imposed long ago. Aspects of self, mind, spirit, and the cosmos.

Yes, we’ve even been in the Enochian tradition, but you know how it is—pretentious costumes for pretentious summons.

And, yes, we have—altered the auras and bodies of persons over the ages, to various ends. You responded well to conversation and your Mother and others were doing enough of that for everyone. No need to get too many hands into a pot. Besides you were using the WtaW, looking into that experientiality and learning the dragon tongue.

Besides, I do like this shape, this mask. It’s fun.

Image: “Cumulus Clouds in Fair Weather,” Michael Jastremski

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