Practice, The Flow, Trance

Sometimes, aligning works. Othertimes, I feel like I’m pushing against blocks or aren’t connecting. This morning—and I’ve been far better about daily practice than I had a while back—I aligned, and I felt meh about it. I then recalled I wanted to send Y out on business. I began an act of power, and in going to that state, to that attention, suddenly everything did feel connected. I finished the spelling and channeled the Luin for a bit before going about my business, and I felt far more attuned. Aligned and present and bridging.

It’s raining lightly, and the sound confused me at first.

My art supplies arrived, and I want to play with them—I also want a box or something for them.

—and the journaling thought process that emerges from writing […]. I feel like I want to stroll in the rain, and I can see Dana sitting on the tree roots, the rain making her gown/robe cling to her skin as she sits and watches and whispers—

I rited tonight—speaking with the Guardians as I did so. BM, HS, and FitE—I buckled far less than I normally do.

I lay out, ala the Pentacles, and I channeled the Luin along the paths, first as something like a pulse within my body, then as a continuous stream. What this precisely accomplished, I don’t know.

Otherwise, I med’d and pulled the Luin down and breathed and breathed it. The Morrigan has made Her presence known by being very tall and in having bare feet—the feet catch my attention [out of the corner of my eye], then the rest. I drew in the Luin and then She would get close, and it would be too much—or I would channel and channel until I was rubbing at my eyes or feeling like I’d spent too long.

She counseled me to rest, but I did not, beyond a quick breather.

I made my way into the ___, to the Shores and then to the stream—water invigorated me. She gave me a plum, and I ate it greedily.

I lay there for a time, by the stream in the coastal forest, the sky burnt orange, before I returned.

I started to dream of a circle of Luin, maybe in the glade, and I had played with drawing in Luin to the sticky body. Feri and others work almost exclusively with the blue flame for everything. I’ve done more Calen and now Calen and Luin.

Image: Old tree branch on sandy beach – Ao Railay West Beach Krabi Province Thailand by René Ehrhardt

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