[NB] Worlding Self

[This post draws on notions I get at in terms of aesthetics, worlding, and etc. via Heidegger, Adorno, and Berque.]

While engaging in some reductionist and sexist ponderings about tantra, Kenneth Grant offers the notion of tantra (& trance) as getting the object of consciousness (ego) to diffuse itself into the field of consciousness. In a sense, disassociating ego to Talker and into the world Talker perceives and conceives. Here, keep the notion of world worlding in mind as for what I mean by the field of consciousness. That is, the exists as a body and seeming subject within a field and imaginative setting (world, the stage the imagines itself occupying, the field within which the stands), and that egoic can diffuse itself into the world.

The notion of Osiris as the Ba-soul of the universe, getting at the macroscopic union via the ostensible union of two bodies—Fetch (Body of Light) & Talker—but Nuit & Hadit as Talker & Fetch (field and subject). Of course, transcendentalism presupposes union with godhead, etc., so an expansion of Talker to Macrocosmic proportions (& exaltation of Fetch)—But also, Talker can encompass multitudes, or we can network Talker with other Talkers touching, reaching towards God-Self

And the Abyss may be (likely is) Talker’s frontier, the edge & barrier of Talker’s ability to perceive and imagine, so even negotiating the Abyss may only be the first instance in a chain of potentially endless Abysses & doors & etc. on the Path to God-Soul—but that Path can be branching, winding—

Do the gods spread out into many worlds, incarnate & bridge back, forming branching trees (forests?) of selves? Maybe so. The thought brings my Wyrd root & tree to mind—

I go outside—it’s not bad in the shade, & it’s a quiet afternoon. Bird song & jets—trees in the distance sway, behind other trees unmoved by wind. I see many squirrels & a blue jay.

—people in trance in northern Europe, staring at trees—watching squirrels & birds while their minds grew into forests—

And it is easier outside, the blue beyond branching green—Elethis [my World Tree vision] right there—& imaginal—Otherworldly power right there, right here, &—

—if I take the wood into me, if enchantment is in the world, then enchantment comes via opening & connecting to the world & others & where the spirit/bodies go—to live & feel wild, fey, wicked, free comes out of liberty & openness, connected to root, wind, animal, wood, waters—the elements as worlding & actors & parts—kin to ourselves—

(I have a flash of an old woman in the woods,—she cannot run through the wilds but does in spirit as daughter of the wood—I meet her, I greet her, tell her I am not there but as daughter, sister, niece—)

And my flash/vision makes me think of an Other community in, with the elements, with wood, water, wind—Land, Sea, Sky—that is the witch world the Christian men saw as diabolic & satanic, for it was not their world, & they were devils there—

And I sit here & feel my gaze & self diffuse, unfocus into green, blue blur, movement & pattern—I pause being subject (object-focus) & meld into the field—I world myself for a moment, & suspend ego—ego dissolves into the world & openness & connection—into the Abyss, as it were—until I pull back, touching & carrying the world with me—ego becomes world-and-self for a  time. I do it with the sunny days in the wood, facing towards Elethis as the sun splays over grimoire & arm—but do that also with my symbols (my “Wyrms that are Wise”)—ponder what happens indoors & in different environments. (Augustin Berque comes to mind here.)

Trajection as that “movement”—that transference from self to world (but the world as agent, as setting, as stage for other subjects).

Image: Blue & Green

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