I was talking with my Fireman friend, and St. Catherine of Alexandria came up. I’ve written on St. Catherine here before, and I very much like her. Love her name. Anyway, my friend asked me if I’d ever noticed anything “cherubim” about her. I hadn’t noticed this sort of thing before myself, but I could feel what he was pointing at.

I’ve suspected there’s something Athena-like or -adjacent with Catherine of Alexandria, and she can be intense. On the first night when I reached out to her just as I was lying down to bed, I had a flurry of just…busy, frenetic, hyper energy and a flurry of not-really-seen images and thoughts in my head. She kept me up most of the night. It was a definite contact, and an enthusiastic one, even if a bit too much for me at the time.

Anyway, I had to go remind myself of cherubim, and as I was doing so, I hit some synchs of my own:

Tetramorph Cherub

I almost immediately was reminded of the World trump, and the Noblet Le Monde trump came up for me recently. The spread below was for Jodorowsky ‘s “Tarot of Liberation” spread, and the World wound up being my “purpose” or, to borrow from Gordon, the specific Dreaming trying to express itself through my life.



Noblet Tarot Le Monde/The World

It’s also, of course, the “end” of the cycle or journey supposedly depicted in the tarot trumps, from the Fool through the World.

Now, the cherubim also point to the four royal stars, or at least the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio [as the eagle], and Aquarius), and the World in turn points towards a celestial or macrocosmic human embodied within/surrounded by them, in a rather Aionic mode, I would say.

Considering Catherine…

St. Catherine Of Alexandria by Josse Lieferinxe (1493-1508). My favorite image for her.

Orthodox icon for St. Catherine

That macrocosmic, Aionic body also winds up being Catherine on the Wheel but also a version of Christ on the Cross, but also any human with a nativity, in theory. But I also find myself pondering how St. Catherine’s image winds up being a kind of “what happens after Trump XXI.” She breaks the Wheel, masters it.

So, well, yes. I have to say there’s some cherubim-something going on, even if it’s Cate riding or wearing one, or she’s a cherubim wearing Cate or contained in her hyperthick image that we encounter. Or, at least, Catherine decided to lead me a little further along that Jodorowsky spread.

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