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Hurur, Mul-Ol, Capitalism

Like any oppressive discourse, discourses of neurotypicality hurt everyone. They constrain the words and thoughts and behavior of Autistic and non-Autistic people. My friend jim mcdonald recently suggested that we should replace the word “neurotypical” with the word “neurodomesticated,” which conveys the reality that discourses of neurotypicality are really all about enforcing compliance with social […] … Continue reading…Hurur, Mul-Ol, Capitalism

Via Gods & Radicals

Lost Watercourses and Resacredization The watercourses of my local landscape were once considered very sacred. The river Ribble was venerated by the Romano-British people as Belisama ‘Most Shining One’ ‘Most Mighty One’. The boundaries of the settlements of Penwortham and Preston were defined by freely flowing streams whose deities would have been regarded as powerful guardian […] … Continue reading…Via Gods & Radicals