Category: Riddle of the Shadow

Tall Bright Shapes

It’s Samhain, and I feel a little antsy. I want to have more of a notion what I want to do tonight. Communion with the Otherworlds, for one, but I also want to re-dedicate, if not dedicate myself, to the Path, to bridging, to the relationship I have with the Morrigan and Angus, and to […] … Continue reading…Tall Bright Shapes

Hurur, Charting a Path, and Considering Silent Goddesses

Elaith—it doesn’t seem quite right—the “tower”—elaith-tir maybe? Hurur, Lies, these include the shells of identity that cling to us and which trick us into seeing them as true expressions or egos of self. Self-identification, especially reified, commodified selfhood. They come from without, imposed upon you and accepted—or they’re shells we fashion and adopt defensively or […] … Continue reading…Hurur, Charting a Path, and Considering Silent Goddesses