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The Guardians: Part One

This post begins a series on the Guardians, and this post serves as my overly broad introduction on that topic. My knowledge of the Feri Guardians comes primarily via T. Thorn Coyle, but with some inflection from other sources. I have learned that many Feri initiates considered the Guardians initiatory knowledge, lore only to be shared […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part One

Yet More at the Shores

I went into the ___again last night, at the Morrigan’s suggestion, making my way to the shores and to a spring in the Coastal Forest. I drank the waters before continuing on to Ae’s estate. She had, indeed, a feast prepared, but I drank wine and had a turkey leg—Otherworldly meat feels more invigorating than […] … Continue reading…Yet More at the Shores