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Like for many folks, April has been the cruelest of months thus far, with a few shining moments peeking out from the weather of Mercury Retrograde and Saturn and Mars conjunct, let alone Saturn Retrograde. The problems that have cropped up have been problems that really demand Saturnine responses: tending to the home; diligence; patience; […] … Continue reading…Neighborly


I grew up living in a household with an antique AM radio cabinet that had shortwave reception and still worked—or did the last I ever heard—and we’d turn it on occasionally, and the shortwave was always itself otherworldly. Several months ago I had a dream that I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here in the past, […] … Continue reading…Space

[NB: Notes on Eliade, Politics, Sacred & Profane]

Sundry notions below– I read Mircea Eliade recently—Myths, Dreams, & Mysteries and The Sacred & The Profane. I feel Eliade offers interesting notions that need grounding in political realities. Indeed, the kinds of arguments that Eliade makes about sacralization and ritual reflect what many others make, all the while folks claiming that, because their religions […] … Continue reading…[NB: Notes on Eliade, Politics, Sacred & Profane]

Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth

I left my defixio for my mouth at “Underbridge”—we’ll see how things look soon. Otherwise, I’ve been transcribing old grimoire, the first one, and I’ve been seeing old threads & lessons I keep—well, I’ve relearned with renewing the practice since February. But I’ve also seen that the Dark Host and flesh beasts have been after […] … Continue reading…Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth