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Sibyl & Wyrm

Josephine McCarthy (amongst others) have observed that a ritual begins when you first have the intent to do the ritual: …if a magician or a group of magicians/priests are planning to do a major working, the energy will start to form itself from the moment the time, date and intention is set. The initial action […] … Continue reading…Sibyl & Wyrm

Materia & Spiritus

Like a lot of folks, I grew up trained to see plants as things, as food, as matter and “just” chemicals and chemical reactions. When I first got into magic, the whole herbal side of the craft was an intriguing but opaque concept to me. Relying on books, especially in an era of Nancy Reagan […] … Continue reading…Materia & Spiritus

3: Obscuring Magic

Years ago, I was riding with friends in the next town over. Riding in vehicles is a wonderful way to experience a light trance state: road hypnosis, after all. And I hadn’t really been trying, hadn’t really learned anything about trance states, but there I was. At some point during this ride, I had the […] … Continue reading…3: Obscuring Magic

The Guardians: Part Four: Black Mother and Heaven Shiner

My experience of Black Mother has tended to knock me down, pull me down, feel overwhelming. Calling Black Mother also triggered one of my first possessory trances, though I feel these trances have mostly been light ones. In appearance, Black Mother resembled a very attractive woman, an actress who caught my attention a while back, but Black […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part Four: Black Mother and Heaven Shiner

The Guardians: Part One

This post begins a series on the Guardians, and this post serves as my overly broad introduction on that topic. My knowledge of the Feri Guardians comes primarily via T. Thorn Coyle, but with some inflection from other sources. I have learned that many Feri initiates considered the Guardians initiatory knowledge, lore only to be shared […] … Continue reading…The Guardians: Part One

Myth, Belief, Art

Ivo Dominguez, Jr. in Casting Sacred Space recommends—I’ll call it an exercise—but he recommends engaging in your own mythopoeisis. Write your own myths. Reach inside and articulate your myths. Now, I’ve recently done something similar as a series of trance utterances that remind me of the rune poems—my powers and abilities and tricks and knacks […] … Continue reading…Myth, Belief, Art

Spatial Metaphors, Sounds, Kala Rite, Sacred Spaces

As I think about ôl-vala and the Otherworlds, it occurs to me that the spatial metaphors we’ve built up are limited flaws. Beyond the “here” and “there” issue, calling the Otherworlds is often visualized as pulling forces, elthil, whatever from someplace, along a path, and “here.” However, that’s still in the flawed spatial metaphor. Now, […] … Continue reading…Spatial Metaphors, Sounds, Kala Rite, Sacred Spaces