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Light, Shadow, Darkness (1)

In an article about occult and paranormal subject matter, asking about such simple concepts like light and dark risks sliding into the territory of cliché. One of the central clichés of New Age writing is about “light,” which is rarely addressed in any other than uncritical and vague terms. Outside of mundane illumination, I imagine the […] … Continue reading…Light, Shadow, Darkness (1)

The Riddle of Shadow

The worms wyrms that are wise There’s something I need to know, remember, see—but I’m not sure what? More pertinently, the big symbol thing I’m trying to suss out is tied into representation, in general. [whoever is behind me]->[Me] ->(gaze) [fire (flickers)] [idol] -> [flickering shadow] on [wall] It’s not Platonic, but that’s maybe one path […] … Continue reading…The Riddle of Shadow