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The Name of a Witch

So, I got introduced to the Devil. I started hanging out with the Devil. I got a black lynx familiar spirit. I’ve been getting tons of magical tech that’s, thus far, worked really well. Am I a witch? As these events happened, I didn’t make the immediate connections until a couple of days after when […] … Continue reading…The Name of a Witch

Nyarlathotep, the Devil, and the Unconscious

This is a long one. This article is ultimately about how the Conscious bridges or connects to the Unconscious, how the individual ego connects to the cosmos and the cosmos’s depths but also our own psychological and spiritual depths. In doing so, I’ve woven together several threads to get to where I’m thinking on these topics, so let me walk you through how I get at these ideas in this post. … Continue reading…Nyarlathotep, the Devil, and the Unconscious

Siddhi of the Gods, Dualism vs. Triune Logic, Reforming Demons

I realized just now that She’s [The Morrigan’s]—I’ve been looking towards Elethis and not seeing Her where She was—on the ground, smiling, dancing. But She is there. A different aspect, or the same. She stands in the rain, hair matted, smiling at me. But She’s on one of the branches of Elethis, watching with wet […] … Continue reading…Siddhi of the Gods, Dualism vs. Triune Logic, Reforming Demons