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Myth, Belief, Art

Ivo Dominguez, Jr. in Casting Sacred Space recommends—I’ll call it an exercise—but he recommends engaging in your own mythopoeisis. Write your own myths. Reach inside and articulate your myths. Now, I’ve recently done something similar as a series of trance utterances that remind me of the rune poems—my powers and abilities and tricks and knacks […] … Continue reading…Myth, Belief, Art

Counter ôl-vala, Rites, Chakra Notes, Bridging

That projection of vividly imagined—things, sights, sounds, sensations, is something everyone suggests as starting point or as kick-starter to magic. Thorn does so. So do others. I’ve found myself wondering about my disbelief and others’, and what I think happens—with worry about whether or not I’m being paid on the first, this revisits old anxieties […] … Continue reading…Counter ôl-vala, Rites, Chakra Notes, Bridging

Nature, Softening, Gods

The Otherworlds feel close today, and Elethis clearer and closer, the woods at hand. Last night I mostly chilled. —Nature and the Otherworlds are highly related, and in part, this stems from the Gaia-spirit of life on this world, though the stars and greater universe still have their life processes and dreams. The life of […] … Continue reading…Nature, Softening, Gods