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Otherworldly Shores

I have found myself pondering what even to call the “spirit world.” “Spirit world” itself, though perhaps a nice catch-all term, feels always unsatisfying to me. Of course, this isn’t a conundrum unique to me. Every system seems to struggle—or, simply, default to a preferred term—and that term winds up encapsulating a good measure of […] … Continue reading…Otherworldly Shores

[NB] Leviathan Glamours

NB: From my journals, so please read the tone as more on-the-fly ponderings than anything else, but I’ve done some editing here for clarity. Heathen Chinese posted a fantastic article on TWH that links (conceptually) with my thoughts on glamours & egregores, thought-gods—of “leviathans” (via Hobbes[1] & elsewhere) as aggregate entities, social “golems” assembled in […] … Continue reading…[NB] Leviathan Glamours

Body, Fetch, Talker, God Soul, and: Part 4: More about Talker

In Magick Without Tears, Crowley advises to begin memorizing the Qabala while also internalizing and applying it to one’s daily life: There is no better way of training the memory than the practice of the Holy Qabalah. The whole mechanism of memory depends on joining up independent data. You must go on adding a little […] … Continue reading…Body, Fetch, Talker, God Soul, and: Part 4: More about Talker

Framing and Shaping

Things vary. And they often vary in relation to the effort I make to stay self-possessed. I aligned and even did a wee bit of energy work this morning, and it’s been better than many Mondays. It’s weird to imagine an empowered, self-possessed, magical, […] me here. And that’s part of the trap and the […] … Continue reading…Framing and Shaping