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Framing and Shaping

Things vary. And they often vary in relation to the effort I make to stay self-possessed. I aligned and even did a wee bit of energy work this morning, and it’s been better than many Mondays. It’s weird to imagine an empowered, self-possessed, magical, […] me here. And that’s part of the trap and the […] … Continue reading…Framing and Shaping

Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Last night, the Morrigan and I spoke of my Presence in the Otherworlds and here on Earth, that connecting both worlds—Bridging—is important. Otherwise, I experienced odd shifts in scale—growing titanic, Elethis visible, and—well, my godlike potentiality— In invoking [Elethis] I’ve been seeing woods around me, Elethis rising titanic in the distance. These seem thicker, fuller […] … Continue reading…Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Dreams, Desire, Incarnation

My dreams last night were full of meaning. Navigating sending my will and desire out into the Worlds, checking my desires are mine. Seeing the silence and subjection of […]. Even the academic dream—school as a prison for students (and myself as a well-treated prisoner)—and the coincidental encounter with _____ _________ of Psychology and more […] … Continue reading…Dreams, Desire, Incarnation

Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth

I left my defixio for my mouth at “Underbridge”—we’ll see how things look soon. Otherwise, I’ve been transcribing old grimoire, the first one, and I’ve been seeing old threads & lessons I keep—well, I’ve relearned with renewing the practice since February. But I’ve also seen that the Dark Host and flesh beasts have been after […] … Continue reading…Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth