Month: May 2015


[Several abbreviated entries precede this entry as I prepared for new job at that point in time.] I rited tonight. I’ve been fretting over having time to do so, which I feel is foolish, but it is something I want to address. I chatted about it with K while walking, resulting in a general “Don’t […] … Continue reading…Intermediary

Hurur, Mul-Ol, Capitalism

Like any oppressive discourse, discourses of neurotypicality hurt everyone. They constrain the words and thoughts and behavior of Autistic and non-Autistic people. My friend jim mcdonald recently suggested that we should replace the word “neurotypical” with the word “neurodomesticated,” which conveys the reality that discourses of neurotypicality are really all about enforcing compliance with social […] … Continue reading…Hurur, Mul-Ol, Capitalism