Month: December 2014

Spirit of Place, Halthaya, Maya, and Angus

One of the things about imagining small woodland animals, or their presence, with faeries and “little people” is that it’s not an untrue notion: specific manifestations of fae may be influenced by the local fauna, and communing/projecting self into the wild may induce/involve shamanic animal shapeshifting. That’s before you get to the local psycholococentrism.[1] Even […] … Continue reading…Spirit of Place, Halthaya, Maya, and Angus

Spider Demon

The devil, the lord of entropy—the demonic face of self and identity that can help break one’s preconceptions and blocks, but you have to avoid giving it free reign, just so you avoid obsession— —and there it is, the demon, or one of them, resembling me but as a spider, multiple spider eyes, arachnid legs, human arms, […] … Continue reading…Spider Demon