Month: October 2018

Snakes and Altars

For a few months, I’ve been jamming with Agathos Daimon. Agathos Daimon has a complicated history as far as human expressions of practice go, but I have found myself most drawn to AD in their trans-planetary, more universal aspect—even trans-celestial. Some expressions of AD focus on the Helios aspect: Agathos Daimon as an expression of […] … Continue reading…Snakes and Altars

Cemetery Day

My grandmother died back in 2004. I was poor, lived elsewhere in the state, wasn’t even in grad school yet. I also didn’t do the funeral at the time because the family drama between her sons and daughters was intense and stupid and infuriating. It’s her house that I’ve dreamt of often over the years, […] … Continue reading…Cemetery Day