Month: June 2015

Spatial Metaphors, Sounds, Kala Rite, Sacred Spaces

As I think about ôl-vala and the Otherworlds, it occurs to me that the spatial metaphors we’ve built up are limited flaws. Beyond the “here” and “there” issue, calling the Otherworlds is often visualized as pulling forces, elthil, whatever from someplace, along a path, and “here.” However, that’s still in the flawed spatial metaphor. Now, […] … Continue reading…Spatial Metaphors, Sounds, Kala Rite, Sacred Spaces


One thing I’ve tried to do has been to use public domain, CC-licensed, or my own images for posts. If you’ve paid attention to this site, I typically cycle through several images. For the Creative Commons licensed images, I was very good and added the sorts of information that seemed in compliance with the license–at […] … Continue reading…Image-Meta

Framing and Shaping

Things vary. And they often vary in relation to the effort I make to stay self-possessed. I aligned and even did a wee bit of energy work this morning, and it’s been better than many Mondays. It’s weird to imagine an empowered, self-possessed, magical, […] me here. And that’s part of the trap and the […] … Continue reading…Framing and Shaping