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Runes, Sigil Magic, Wyrms

I just finished reading through Stephen Flowers’ Icelandic Magic[1], and I realize that he’s also known as Edred Thorsson (who I’ve read previously in Futhark). And Flowers’ book seems to focus primarily on galðr-derived magic, and I get to the operative parts of the text. The ritual procedure he offers begins with a directional opening […] … Continue reading…Runes, Sigil Magic, Wyrms

[NB] Jung & Spare

Reading the intro to Joan Chodorow’s book on Jung’s writings on active imagination (Jung on Active Imagination), & Jung apparently—from my perspective—engaged in inner pathworking, trance projection, etc., using the simple methods Fries has pointed to. Jung sought to frame these experiences as (seemingly) wholly psychological, though he apparently noted the “energy” & pathos unleashed […] … Continue reading…[NB] Jung & Spare

Bruno, Space, Art

____ was considering mortality and what comes afterwards and he was willing to consider certain notions in abstract, he’s stubbornly dismissive of non-normative, non-consensus phenomenon. Potentiality decreases over the course of a life time, and death is an end to one’s potentiality (beyond this point only actuality lies). (Of course, be sure of one’s commitments.) […] … Continue reading…Bruno, Space, Art

Words, Narrative, Magic

I did not get the position…, though they apparently “like me.” Whether that translates into anything, we’ll see. I find myself dwelling still on the interview—it’s still fresh—and I do not want to. I think about my spelling for the position and the interview. So I will spell for new opportunities. And I will enjoy […] … Continue reading…Words, Narrative, Magic