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Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Last night, the Morrigan and I spoke of my Presence in the Otherworlds and here on Earth, that connecting both worlds—Bridging—is important. Otherwise, I experienced odd shifts in scale—growing titanic, Elethis visible, and—well, my godlike potentiality— In invoking [Elethis] I’ve been seeing woods around me, Elethis rising titanic in the distance. These seem thicker, fuller […] … Continue reading…Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Spirit of Place, Halthaya, Maya, and Angus

One of the things about imagining small woodland animals, or their presence, with faeries and “little people” is that it’s not an untrue notion: specific manifestations of fae may be influenced by the local fauna, and communing/projecting self into the wild may induce/involve shamanic animal shapeshifting. That’s before you get to the local psycholococentrism.[1] Even […] … Continue reading…Spirit of Place, Halthaya, Maya, and Angus