Category: symbols

The Disembody

This post is about embodiment and about my sense that the Otherworlds and other spiritual realities and levels out there are also embodied in some way. To get at this conjecture, I want to begin by gesturing very broadly at transcendentalism and many of its biases and the political associations those kinds of systems often […] … Continue reading…The Disembody

Gods & Introduction

Firstly, this series is not going to be about gods as psychological constructs and/or archetypal human symbology other than how those concepts inflect and mediate individual experience of gods. Otherwise, it is hard to talk about gods. The problem comes in part from how nebulous the concept is for some people while it is quite […] … Continue reading…Gods & Introduction

The Riddle of Shadow

The worms wyrms that are wise There’s something I need to know, remember, see—but I’m not sure what? More pertinently, the big symbol thing I’m trying to suss out is tied into representation, in general. [whoever is behind me]->[Me] ->(gaze) [fire (flickers)] [idol] -> [flickering shadow] on [wall] It’s not Platonic, but that’s maybe one path […] … Continue reading…The Riddle of Shadow