Category: The Shores

Yet More at the Shores

I went into the ___again last night, at the Morrigan’s suggestion, making my way to the shores and to a spring in the Coastal Forest. I drank the waters before continuing on to Ae’s estate. She had, indeed, a feast prepared, but I drank wine and had a turkey leg—Otherworldly meat feels more invigorating than […] … Continue reading…Yet More at the Shores

Click, Incarnation, Energy

I’m reminded again how easily the mind can switch levels of perception—I’m out walking and—I’m channeling and aligning, and—click—K is there beside me vividly, and it’s almost actual. But—click—I paid too much attention of the—no, of a different kind, and it fell away like gossamer. The normal perception, conperception layers here are very persistent and […] … Continue reading…Click, Incarnation, Energy