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Tall Bright Shapes

It’s Samhain, and I feel a little antsy. I want to have more of a notion what I want to do tonight. Communion with the Otherworlds, for one, but I also want to re-dedicate, if not dedicate myself, to the Path, to bridging, to the relationship I have with the Morrigan and Angus, and to […] … Continue reading…Tall Bright Shapes


[Several abbreviated entries precede this entry as I prepared for new job at that point in time.] I rited tonight. I’ve been fretting over having time to do so, which I feel is foolish, but it is something I want to address. I chatted about it with K while walking, resulting in a general “Don’t […] … Continue reading…Intermediary

Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Last night, the Morrigan and I spoke of my Presence in the Otherworlds and here on Earth, that connecting both worlds—Bridging—is important. Otherwise, I experienced odd shifts in scale—growing titanic, Elethis visible, and—well, my godlike potentiality— In invoking [Elethis] I’ve been seeing woods around me, Elethis rising titanic in the distance. These seem thicker, fuller […] … Continue reading…Trance, Social World, Identity, Silence

Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth

I left my defixio for my mouth at “Underbridge”—we’ll see how things look soon. Otherwise, I’ve been transcribing old grimoire, the first one, and I’ve been seeing old threads & lessons I keep—well, I’ve relearned with renewing the practice since February. But I’ve also seen that the Dark Host and flesh beasts have been after […] … Continue reading…Defixiones, Community Longings, Otherworldly Journeys, Gods & Earth