Month: April 2019

Allegories of Hell

  The following article I had started to draft months ago for a particular project that was abandoned. However, I had some recent notions about the subject that I wanted to explore. Dating most likely to the early eighteenth century, the Clavis Inferni identifies the demonic, directional Four Kings of the spirits as Uricus, Maymon, […] … Continue reading…Allegories of Hell

Reforming Demons

Years ago, I had experimented with some “classic” chaos magic praxis about “personal demons”: trying to exorcise those parts of myself that have gone rampant and demonic, negative thoughtforms, etc. As I was talking about this with a friend the other day, I thought I would revisit the topic with the benefit of more experience […] … Continue reading…Reforming Demons

Recycled Sunlight

A friend asked me my thoughts on reincarnation, and as I moved past the third paragraph, I figured I’d offer those reflections more publicly. (Take advantage of opportunities to write as they come, I suppose.) My thoughts on reincarnation are sundry. The truth, I suspect, varies widely and conforms to what you expect to find […] … Continue reading…Recycled Sunlight