Month: March 2015

Cosmologies, The Morrigan and Tourism, Sundry Notes on Dunn

The upper branches of Elethis can lead to “higher worlds,” but She doesn’t think I’m ready just yet, and to talk of them would mean little to me now. So likewise, the roots reach down into the Lower Realms, but they’re less an “Underworld” than something far more diverse. Elethis (“She” as Dana-Morrigan put it—“we […] … Continue reading…Cosmologies, The Morrigan and Tourism, Sundry Notes on Dunn


I embrace my wings, and more. I felt groggy & sleepy until I channeled, Presence’d, and unfurled my wings, and the kinesthesic sense of them begins to develop, I think. I want to soar with Her—I want to soar I choose to remain in Haisuith and Saiyûnor. The wyrd-tree in Elaith-tir seems to be becoming […] … Continue reading…Defixiones