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[NB: Theater, Memory, Glamour, Art, Magic]

Memory tools were a way to access a kind of guided active imagination. Men would stare at sigils & chant mantras to “remember” occult & mundane knowledge, with goetic style spirits acting almost like mediating agents or as the intelligence of the sigil & the world it pointed to. And this libido sciendi & active imagination’s synchronistic effects makes Giordano Bruno very occult & magical. And Fludd & Camillo both began a series of “memory theater” systems. Now, these techné also could teach & convey knowledge, establishing vivid scenes & images on a stage seems to encourage internalizing & memorizing them— … Continue reading…[NB: Theater, Memory, Glamour, Art, Magic]

The Riddle of Shadow

The worms wyrms that are wise There’s something I need to know, remember, see—but I’m not sure what? More pertinently, the big symbol thing I’m trying to suss out is tied into representation, in general. [whoever is behind me]->[Me] ->(gaze) [fire (flickers)] [idol] -> [flickering shadow] on [wall] It’s not Platonic, but that’s maybe one path […] … Continue reading…The Riddle of Shadow